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Interim Management Assignments 


CFO at international Lifestyle retail brand 


following departure of the CFO from this private equity owned business, and in advance of a long term successor being appointed, Brackenbury was asked to guide the Finance team and CEO at a critical time. A backlog of financial accounts, demands from prospective buyers and a vacuum of expertise led to us filling the void until a new CFO was appointed 6 months later.


Strategy implementation Role at Automotive Parts Group 


This private equity backed $400m MBO had an extensive strategic transformation program. Brackenbury had already undertaken the commercial due diligence on behalf of the buy out and was subsequently asked to coordinate the implementation of the overarching strategy program for the 12 months following the buy out.


Retail development and program management role at International Petroleum Brand 


Led a multi-disciplinary client project team over 6 months to develop and implement new fuels marketing initiatives. This ultimately led to the establishment of a new leaner fuels and convenience retail organisation and a number of new business transformation projects. Brackenbury was subsequently contracted to fill the GM role.

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