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Our Approach


Brackenbury as investor


Since 2001 Brackenbury has been an active and successful investor in a variety of retail and consumer businesses in Australia. We have been involved at all stages in the life of investments from start up, growth funding, restructuring to divestments.

Brackenbury is not a formal venture capital fund but rather uses its own resources and private equity to fund its investment activities.

Because we have personal “skin in the game” our approach to evaluating and managing our investments is very hands on.




We have a successful track record in completing MBI / MBO transactions. We have worked with vendor financing and alongside other investors including private Equity funds and financial institutions to evaluate and complete  investments in those sectors we have a capability and expertise.

Brackenbury’s goal is to continue to build its portfolio of sustainable profitable retail, wholesale and / or consumer brand businesses…

We seek to secure exclusivity with vendors / MBO teams with a view to adding to our portfolio. Exclusive deal opportunities have included:


  • MBI - National mobile telephone dealership

  • MBI - National retail photographic chain

  • MBI - Consumer electronics wholesaler and distributor

  • BIMBO - Branded fruit producer and distributor

  • BIMBO - Footwear, womenswear and lifestyle retailer


Additionally we have assessed numerous other retail and wholesale buy out opportunities. Brackenbury is one of the few specialist retail buyout and turnaround specialists in the market

Our model is different in the way we work with investors, partners and our associates


Venture partnerships


Brackenbury focuses on unlocking potential to launch and grow new and existing business opportunities. Where appropriate Brackenbury can provide its expertise and time in return for equity in a venture alongside existing investors, management or even third party investors. 

Likewise if you have a unique proposition that is ready for commercialisation and investment, Brackenbury will be happy to evaluate the opportunity.
If you have a venture partnership opportunity please get in touch with us.


Non Executive Directors


Brackenbury Principals have worked with Private Equity firms in the capacity of Non Executive Directors, providing relevant industry expertise and support to management in their investee businesses. We have participated on advisory Boards with a number of privately held groups in the apparel, optical, beverages and music industries.




  • Participating in MBO / MBI of stressed businesses

  • Acquisition of under performing businesses

  • Co-invest with strategic / private equity investors where Brackenbury’s expertise can add value 

  • Balance sheet restructuring to support turnaround

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