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Our Expertise

Strategy Projects


International Womenswear and home lifestyle retailer


As part of the client’s strategy planning process, managed a customer research program that helped identify competitive market positioning and target groups in the US, UK and Europe. 


Major apparel importer and manufacturer


Guided the Board in developing a partnership strategy with their largest international retail customer. The approach transformed relations resulting in an early reversal of declining sales. 


Top 5 UK Grocery Group


As part of a corporate strategy review, managed a significant overhead reduction program. Adopted an activity based approach across support functions to deliver a $10 million savings


Financial Services Group


developed retail channel and partnership strategy for major insurance group and conducted feasibility study by engaging with the UK’s top 10 retailers on client’s behalf.


Boutique Coffee brand


developed branded café and restaurant channel strategy to help reverse steady long term decline in this important segment of the client’s market.


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